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Occasionally we are asked why we have a stylized version of Noah’s Ark and the Rainbow as our Preschool logo. Glad you asked 🙂

The Ark is an ever-present reminder that the world we live in is one firmly grounded upon the principle and idea of “covenant.” To the modern mind, it’s not a term used to often, unless you dealing with real estate. But it is a term and concept firmly rooted in the development and history of, what we have come to call, Western civilization.

A more popular term that reflects many of the notions of the idea of covenant is “contract.” We understand that a contract is a binding agreement, entered into voluntarily, with obligatory conditions for all the parties involved. Central to it is the idea that folks ought to keep their promises. I suspect that courts are filled with lawsuits involving parties who believe that the terms of a particular contract were broken and therefore and due “damages” because of it.

The Ark, and particularly the rainbow, are symbols of God’s initiation of a covenant with man. The conditions and the promises of the covenant continue to this day. The rainbow reminds us regularly that God has made a promise to withhold universal judgment from creation. But take note that this covenant was made with a family.

When you bring your child to Spring Hill Academy Preschool we enter into a family covenant with you. We agree to walk together, with you, in the training and discipleship of your child. It is a covenant with conditions and promises. You promise to bring your child, pay your bill, and support us in our goal of assisting you in establishing character and learning foundations in the life of your child. We promise to love your child (on the good days and bad :), teach your child, and to do all we can to impart and enthusiasm for life and learning to your child.

The Ark and the Rainbow are daily reminders to all of us that we need each other. Life is not best lived in isolation from others. It reminds us that God has created the world in such a way that we can assist one another in the vitally important task of preparing children for the rest of their lives. It reminds us that our children are part of this covenant relationship and can receive great benefits from the adults in their lives who embrace and pursue faithfulness.

The Ark and the Rainbow are certainly reminders of God’s covenant relationship with us all, but it also a daily reminder of the GREAT task we are called to and involved in as parents, grandparents, and teachers in the raising up of these little ones! It is a daily reminder that faithfulness, not perfection, is the goal. It is the promise that in this GREAT task, God will be perfectly faithful to bring His plans to pass and He seeks imperfect men and women to be the instruments in His hands.

Written by: Perry Coghlan, Co-Founder/Co-Director of SHAP.