Parents, Take Heart, Be Encouraged!

Why? Because the blistering and unyielding blather about preschool only applies to government schools! The term “painting with a broad brush” generally suggests a tactic that someone uses to deal with a subject,  problem, and/or person in a general way rather than considering details. It can be a rhetorical tactical technique, in order to cause […]

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Living Sacrifice

Rom. 12:1-2 “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.” Heroes, especially ones that give up their lives for others and/or for a righteous cause, are esteemed by us. GA Henty’s recounting of the lives of […]

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7 Tips to raising Healthy Boys

Raising children is a challenge for all parents. Recognizing the unique challenges between raising boys and girls is important. Dr. Meg Meeker highlights some vital points to remember. 1.  Know how to encourage your son. One fault is babying and spoiling him. But another is being so harsh that you lose communication with your son and […]

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Parents…Read to Your Children

Good stories are captivating, especially for young children. Well told stories are powerful. There is a reason that all of us, at some point, can be captivated by the power of a well told story. We are made for story. We are a living story even as we witness the writing of our own story […]

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Low Expectations and Missed Opportunities

As I sit here writing this article I am listening to a little girl who has been enrolled in our Preschool for about two years. She just turned five. She is waiting for her mom to come get her because she has a fever. As she waits, she is looking over the seatwork from her […]

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Words, Words, Words

“In the Beginning was the Word…” John 1:1 One of my favorite teachers is the Christian apologist named Ravi Zacharias. If you have never heard of him, or listened to him, go as quickly as you can and find his free podcasts and give him a listen. There are few in the world today that […]

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The Power of Parenting

Mom and dad, you underestimate your influence with your children. I recently watched the movie about the life of Jackie Robinson entitled “42.” It was centered upon his life as a baseball player, both in the minor and major leagues. It was for me, a powerful movie. One scene in particular was deeply moving, probably […]

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Read To Your Children

Parents too often neglect and underestimate the power of forming the inescapable habits of thought and life in their young children. By young, I mean age 18 and under! Along with neglecting the opportunities we have to self consciously form and direct the thinking and life choices of our children is the tendency parents have […]

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Parents, There is No Silver Bullet So Stop Looking For One

Seth Godin, best selling author and highly in-demand speaker, wrote recently about “The one thing that will change everything.” As baseball fans are apt to say, “he hit it outta’ the park! Godin wrote: That introduction you need. The capital that your organization is trying to raise. The breakthrough in what you’re building… Have you […]

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