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Our Parents Say…

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Sometimes you just need to read it directly from the source. Our parents are truly enthusiastic about their experiences with Spring Hill Academy Preschool.

Children in a preschool program

“This school has been such a blessing to us! They have cared for my 3 children like they are their own. I feel so safe with my kids here. They’re learning to read before elementary (even my youngest, who announced to me that he knows his vowels last week to my great astonishment). They even have space for my oldest during the summer, where he is going to have a blast. I’m so glad I found SH Academy!”
-Jenna Beamer

“Love this school and family. I have been thoroughly impressed with their curriculum and individual educational gains my daughter has made. However, what I appreciate most is how the teachers and staff love on my girl.”
-Laura Shipley

“5 stars is not enough for this great preschool!! I loved it since day one! My son can tell you even more awesome things about it, because he says them to me almost everyday! The way both my kids have grown, learned. and delighted themselves in the Lord is beyond amazing to see. The teachers keep them motivated everyday, to be better, to get further, to not settle, to be the best they can be. They do it all in the name of the Lord and in the most loving way. I love that my 5- year-old comes with the bible and asks me to read it to him instead of a kid book. That is just priceless! They both pray so beautifully that it melts my heart every time. The way my 2.5-year-old comes to me from school with the biggest smile everyday wanting to go back the next day and telling me all the things she learned is also priceless. I am beyond blessed to have found this wonderful school where I can send my kids with my eyes closed and know they’re in the best hands. Spring Hill Academy Preschool is hands-down the way to go! We thank you, Coghlan family, for treating our kids like your own.”
-Tina White

“Our family feels so blessed to have found such a wonderful learning environment for our children. We have seen such a remarkable change in our son since he started going to school here. He has really blossomed into an outgoing and confident child.”
-Beth Collins

“A wonderful, warm, & caring place to send your children where they learn a lot.”
-Kara Beth

“Dear Rev. and Mrs. Coghlan, we just wanted to say thanks for all the love, knowledge, and discipline all of you have poured into Coralie. We couldn’t have been more pleased when we made the decision to move to Spring Hill Academy Preschool. She has grown so much in just a year—from not being able to recognize letters and sounds to being able to do that and even read some small words. She has loved the songs and activities she has learned, and we love it when she comes home singing a new song about Jesus! We will miss you all, but each of you is priceless! Thank you for your commitment and dedication to loving and teaching the younger ages.”
-The Yeltons

“My daughter absolutely LOVES Spring Hill Academy. She is almost 2 and can already count to 10 and say her ABCs. She looks forward to school everyday and loves her teachers. They are all so compassionate and attentive to each child which makes this momma have peace of mind leaving her there during the day! Thanks for all you guys do!!”
-Kaitlin LeCates

Our families are very happy with our program in Spring Hills, TN.

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