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Why? Because the blistering and unyielding blather about preschool only applies to government schools!

The term “painting with a broad brush” generally suggests a tactic that someone uses to deal with a subject,  problem, and/or person in a general way rather than considering details. It can be a rhetorical tactical technique, in order to cause someone, or their ideas, to be characterized in a negative way, or might be a reaction by someone who hasn’t thought through the assertions and/or conclusions they are making.

In the case of Vanderbilt University’s study on the impact that “preschool” has upon the “skills and behaviors” of children through the third grade (published September 2015 by the Peabody Institute), broad brushing the conclusion of the study is becoming rampant.  Radio talk show hosts and online articles have been vociferous in their condemnation of “preschool.” (As an aside, what is often called “preschool” is in reality daycare with little or no formal schooling.)

Statements like this drive me up crazy, “All the good arguments for Pre-K education seem to be dropping like flies” (http://www.intellectualtakeout.org/blog/aaaand-another-study-says-preschool-hurts-not-helps). The so-called “good arguments” that are dropping are the one defending the sham of government controlled “preschool.” These arguments against preschool against government controlled “preschool” but not applicable for TRUE, quality preschool education and training.

What is stated in the report is mostly education jargon to confuse parents. Here’s what is not stated in the Peabody/Vanderbilt report: government-controlled, tax-funded “preschool” is a failure JUST LIKE government-controlled, tax-funded K-12 schooling. Laying a bad foundation in government “preschool” and then attempting to build the structure of an educational house upon that lousy foundation is a disaster, a failure, a train-wreck that has happened, will continue to happen, and cannot be fixed by requiring parents to send their children to government-controlled, tax-funded schools at an earlier age!

The report makes it clear that the evaluation and conclusions of the report are only applicable to tax-funded, government “preschools.” On page 14, Under the section entitled “The Tennessee Voluntary Pre-kindergarten Program” it states, and I quote (!) “(t)he Tennessee Voluntary Pre-kindergarten program (TNVPK) is a state funded pre-kindergarten program offered…by statute (and) requires a (state) licensed teacher and aide in every classroom…and a curriculum chosen from a state-approved list (emphasis added).

So may I state again for emphasis: the evaluations and conclusions of this report are applicable ONLY to government controlled, government  run, coercively tax-funded programs! Programs that are planned and executed by the same people who administrate, oversee, and execute the failing K-12 programs of the government schools!

But wait! Before you give up and thrown your hands in the air exclaiming “what’s a parent to do!?” Let me give you the GOOD NEWS. A high quality (true) preschool program will assist in laying good character and learning foundation in the life of your child that will enable you to continue to build upon. But remember this, laying a good foundation and building a bad quality house is still bad! Lay a good foundation in a high quality preschool and then build the “house” of their life and character is a high quality Christian school.

I have seen it for many years. Parents utilize a quality character training and learning program like Spring Hill Academy Preschool only to then condemn their children to 13 years in the failing government schools. The moral and educational superiority of the lessons learned are all too often lost in the moral and academic swill of the government school system.

In Matthew 7:24-27, Jesus uses the analogy of building a house for the reality of life. Contrasting two houses, the difference was the foundation upon which they were built. One was upon a solid foundation the other was not. Both endured life’s storms. One collapsed the other did not.

Preschool through 12th grade is a foundation laying time in the life of your child. All of those years are preparing them for what lies ahead: the rest of their lives and eternity. Lay the foundations well. There are no “do-overs.”